A native of “Kentuckiana”, the place where Indiana and Kentucky’s borders meet the Ohio River, KÊTA is a young woman with both roots and wings.  In Spring of 2014, her musical pursuits put her on a fast track from her home, and landed her right into the heart of the music industry: Los Angeles, California.

Within the first 3 months of landing in LA, then, 16 year old KÊTA's freshman Album, 'Generation Call' got the attention of  music industry executives affording her the opportunity to open for Sam Smith’s West Coast tour, a signing with 1916 Management, Capitol Records, CAA (Creative Artist’s Agency) and landing her a publishing deal with Sony/ATV.  

KÊTA achieved a singular sound and sensibility right from the start. A refined vision guided even the earliest stages of her songwriting as she drew from inspiration from the music she grew up on (“everything from the Supremes to Elvis to Rachmaninoff to Fugazi”) as well as from newer influences like the atmospheric alt-pop of Imogen Heap and Kimbra’s dance-infused indie-rock. Another key factor that set KÊTA apart as a singer and songwriter: the intensely inspiring mix of honesty and optimism that is the golden thread running through all her songs.   

“My music is driven by the things I’ve personally gone through. My goal is always to recognize the negative to bring out the positive, because I believe that life is what you make it.”  

Fast Forward, KÊTA, at 20 yrs old, has accomplished things in the industry some people work a lifetime to achieve.   

With the release of her collaborative tracks with Universal Music Group, German EDM artist, Schiller, KÊTA is again made headlines. Within a week of the album’s release, which includes three tracks that KÊTA co-wrote and recorded vocals on, the album went #1 on the German charts. The title track to the album, "The Future" ( co-written and sung by KÊTA ) made it's global debut with a stunning cinematic music video, featuring KÊTA in an astronaut suit, with an honest and optimistic appeal to the world for 'More love and less hate'.